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The Knollwood Beach Association (KBA) clubhouse is located at 10 Clubhouse Lane.

The clubhouse can be reserved by a KBA resident for any special event by notifying the Clubhouse

Coordinator. Potential renters should check the Clubhouse Calendar for open dates. A $150 deposit is required together with a completed rental application and proof of an event insurance policy. Residents interested in renting the clubhouse should download both the “Clubhouse Rental Instructions and Application" and the "Clubhouse Event Insurance Instructions” on this page.


Residents renting the clubhouse are responsible for leaving the facility clean and with furniture returned to original positions. They are also responsible for putting all trash and recyclable materials in outside bins next to the clubhouse. Any damage to the clubhouse, fixtures, or furniture must be fixed or replaced by the renting resident. A clubhouse check will be returned or shredded after the clubhouse has been inspected by the Clubhouse Coordinator for damage and deemed clean and ready for the next party. If the clubhouse needs to be cleaned following an event, proceeds from the deposit check will be used to pay for the cleanup.

Depending on the weather, the clubhouse is usually available for events beginning in late April until the end of November of each year. The water is turned off on December 1 and the clubhouse is no longer available after this date and during the winter.

The Clubhouse Calendar, Clubhouse Rental Instructions and Application form and the Clubhouse Event Insurance Instructions are on the Clubhouse Calendar page in the Resident Portal

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